Serene Mindful Jewellery is a unique concept in fine jewellery created by Australian Psychologist Gina McMaster. The concept was inspired
by Gina's desire to help people to live healthier happier lives.

Serene is a personal development system comprised of nine key psychological concepts. These concepts are symbolically represented on a sterling silver jewellery providing a practical and beautiful tool for remembering ways to let go of stress and find inner peace. Our retreats and workshops use experiential learning to teach and practice Mindfulness which the Jewellery then keeps alive.

Design protection has been registered for the Bracelet and the concepts are copyrighted in the companion book "The Nine Elements of Serene".

The Nine Elements of Serene is the companion book to the Serene Bracelet. It explains each of the concepts and provides instructional activities to help you to develop new skills and strategies for a healthier, happier life.

It also provides glimpses of the life of Eva, a fictional character. Eva's story gives examples of how the concepts can be applied in real life.

Mindful Moments

Mindfully Welcoming 2018

by Gina McMaster January 01, 2018

How practising mindfulness skills like non-judgemental observation and acceptance can help us to overcome disappointment when things are not the way we want them to be.

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